The Virus of Viral

November 5, 2015

Viral videos. Most of us have watched tons of them and are sometimes pressured into watching them by friends and family or simply because we are curious to know why a video has garnered millions of views. But why do we watch them and what really constitutes a ‘viral video’?

There are several reasons why we watch them and why these videos become ‘viral’. Sometimes out of plain boredom or maybe because we’re too lazy to browse through videos and end up watching the sponsored sorry the recommended videos instead. Then some categories of videos seem to resonate with the majority of us like pets, music, laughter, reviews, how-to videos and so on. Analysing the popularity of viral videos definitely gives one an insight on many different levels, yet implementing your knowledge doesn’t necessarily guarantee the success of online content. Sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t.

As a video producer myself, it can be quite annoying when quality content online gets overlooked and silly videos get so much attention. I often sit baffled trying to understand human behaviour and the secret behind the ‘viral’ aspect of these videos.

Perhaps the secret lies in authenticity, consistency and curiosity. What do you think?

While you think, watch this “viral” video in the meanwhile (Just because I like dogs!).


by Janet Lucinda

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