The Purpose of You

March 31, 2016

At some point in life, actually at several points in life (if we’re honest to admit it), we find ourselves seeking an answer to that one inevitable question - why am I here? And I do not mean that in a biological sense. Don’t be a wise guy!

Why am I here? - this question has everything to do with purpose and it can surface at any time or place, irrespective of what may be happening in your life. What precedes that question (particularly if you haven’t a clue of what the answer might be), is restlessness, frustration and perhaps even a sense of hopelessness that you might be whiling away the best years of your life because you do not know what you’re meant to be doing to fulfil the purpose of your life. Worse, you don't know what your purpose is, let alone fulfilling it!

Seems like quite a grim situation, doesn’t it? It needn’t necessarily be though. I think ones purpose is sometimes discovered along the course of life and not necessarily at one sitting. The things we care about may also reveal to us that for which we were created for.

There are some individuals who seem to have been ‘born’ for a very specific purpose. In fact, they seem irreplaceable. Many of them may have even started in careers that had nothing to do with their life purpose and yet at some point they were living purpose-filled lives.

Consider the life of Mother Theresa or the dream of Martin Luther King Jr or even the story of the father of our nation - Mahatma Gandhiji and countless others. Somehow their purpose in life always seemed to be connected to a deeper cause other than satisfying their own needs and ambitions. Could this be the secret to discovering our ultimate purpose in life or is the social work just for some folks and not for others?

Many of us are driven by a desire to to gain wealth and reach the pinnacle of success. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful and most of us if not all, want to experience professional and personal success. The challenge I suppose is when profit supersedes purpose and in some cases might even become it. We soon stop caring about people and look only towards fulfilling our own desires. Before we realise our obsession for material success, we find ourselves on dangerous ground, losing track of who we are and what we’re really supposed to be doing with our lives.

So, what are we supposed to be doing with our lives? And how do we arrive at that one central thing that will give us a helpful hint towards discovering why we are here?

There’s a phrase from the Bible which gives an indication of what we consider important in life. It says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” The wisdom behind this quote may not necessarily help us identify our purpose , but it does give us an insight into understanding ourselves better. And as we do, perhaps one day we might be pleasantly (or unpleasantly!) surprised to discover that our true purpose has everything to do with what we value most in life.

by Janet Solomon

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  1. Ranjit Gorde

    So true!

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