Shutdowns before the Start Up

April 21, 2016

The job-providing dotcoms can confirm this. There is an increasing decline (anomaly!) in the number of persons enlisting for jobs. People do not have the time or patience to wait to get employed or land a job that is worthy of their God-given skills. How much do jobs pay, anyway? Even high-paying jobs don’t meet the higher flying needs. Every second person you meet today is out to be an entrepreneur, swimming deep in the throes of setting up something that is apparently going to “rock the world.”

The proverb – (as is the duty of proverbs) – was warning for decades, “Every dog will have his day.” The problem is that tycoons and tyrants (in other words employers) thought the proverb was referring to canines. Now the ex-employees are the ones laughing the loudest.

2016 shows steep rise in the category that has changed from “employed” to “self-employed” or “business.” No wonder everyone everywhere is looking to read up on Startups, better still to attend a talk or seminar on how to start and sustain a new enterprise.

This blog will give you something you will not find anywhere else (chalo lage bet?). It is about adopting some important behaviours and attitudes before even thinking of venturing into a startup: they tell you about shutdowns that have to take place before you step into startup territory. There is a reason why 2015 statistics (refer to revealed the frosty statistic of 90% startup failures. The reason is that those poor things did not get to read this blog (simply because it had not yet been written).

You are getting the opportunity of these gems of wisdom – grab and embrace them; then see if you do not figure in the other part of the statistic (called startup success). Five simple shutdowns (that need to come before startup) in your life which could get you the ‘budding entrepreneur of the year’ crown:

  • EVENING   N O T   N I G H T MEALS:  Stop eating late night dinners w.i.e. For the first two years at least, your startup has to get your undivided heart, soul, body, mind – above all, good health. There’s nothing worse than ill health (constant respiratory problems, intestinal disorders are only the least of these) to take out the joy and enthusiasm of pioneering. Good health (ask your doctor this) demands that you have your final meal of the day between 6PM and 7 PM latest. Next day, breakfast at 7AM. You know the fruit of this kind of program? It gives your body organs 12 hours of complete rest and they (the organs) reward you with singing, shining good health. Every problem you have ever suffered from all your life till now, will disappear and medicos will slowly go out of business.


  • E A R L Y   T O   B E D WILL GET YOU AHEAD: Ban every late night activity from your life. No late night movie or TV shows, or visiting talkative friends who consume alcohol and then never stop jabbering, and especially not Arnab what’s-his-other-name shouting you into nightmares, evening after late evening. Take a break from buddies who come alive late-night. If they are really your friends, they will do one of two things – they will also change their lifestyle, or else they will stay away from you. Enterprise and early-morning rising go hand in tight shake hand. To rise early you have to retire to bed early. Check the biographies of the great entrepreneurs – from JRD Tata to the most recent Johnny come lately. You will find they have been early risers. When you rise early, before the sun shows up and draws out sweat, and walk (preferably in a park or a garden) you breathe in fresh air, with higher degrees of creativity in the oxygen – and the ideas these generate in your brain can only come at this virginal time of the day. A couple of hours later,  once petrol and garbage push goodness out of the atmosphere, you can be assured that only flop ideas will creep into your drowsy brain.


  • LOVE, FORGIVE, FORGET - C L E A N - S L A T E   S T A R T: You need every centimetre of space in your mind and will to establish your startup plans and zoom it to success. Like almost every other human being, you have probably been hurt, abused, betrayed, scorned by others especially those closest to you (to be able to stab you a person has to come close, remember?). Forgive them, as far as it is up to you, restore the relationship and be at peace. Forgiveness is a process that helps you purge out negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviours; then you replace the cleared space with positive thoughts, emotions, and a joy that defies all understanding and baffles the offender. A startup can only be nourished with positivity and happiness. Psychology Today will confirm that happy people are more forgiving than unhappy people. Business Today declares that startup successes are run by the happiest persons in a city. As soon as you finish reading this blog, give the gift of forgiveness to yourself.


  • B Y P A S S    W E A K N E S S – BUILD ON STRENGTHS: Whatever startup you are using to climb up the ladder of financial success, must be in the area of your strength, not somebody else’s strength (which led him or her to great success). Just like you cannot apply for Arnab’s job if you do not have a voice several decibels louder than his, you cannot become a successful business tycoon just because your father successfully built on his entrepreneurial skill (ask Vijay Mallya if you do not believe this). Don’t waste your time trying to improve and level out your weaknesses. Discover what is the passion that makes you tingle, add to it skill and will – and your startup is already 40% empowered.


  • REMEMBER YOU ARE AN ‘ i ’  NOT AN ‘ I ’ - H U M I L I T Y   F A C T O R:

This has to do with spiritual grammar. The personal pronoun that refers to the human, needs always to be ‘i’ as in lower case (who can deny that man due to his many misdeeds has really lowered his case before his makercreator?). The capital ‘I’ refers to the owner of the huge Hand that created man; some call Him God. History and statistics show that the business new entrepreneurs are aspiring to blossom was born not in the brain of lower case man, but in the heart of the highest being in the Universe. God thinks of a business and then seeds the thought in the desire cells of aspiring businessmen. Unlike man, God does not do it for fame or success but to provide more jobs and sustenance for all those who gain from a prospering enterprise. To please the capital I, the lower case i has to run a godly business enterprise, which includes no cheating, bribing or cut-throat politics.

Once these 5 principles are the fertile ground from which you operate your startup and the rest of your life … nothing can ever stop your growth and success. For a simple reason –it was ordained by God.

by Team Bay

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