Authoring a book is a lifelong dream for anyone with a story to tell. Or an achiever who wants to inspire. Even in this digital era, it is the best way to leave behind the legacy of your life. Berean Bay has a dedicated team of professionals to help you with any and every aspect of getting together your book.
We offer our clients a number of publishing options to choose from.

The Once-over

Want us to review your work? We will go through your manuscript and give you detailed feedback – kudos and constructive feedback.

The Page-to-Print

Handle everything from developing the manuscript, designing the cover, page layouts and printing.

The Touch-me-Not

Don’t want us to meddle with your content? Sure we won’t do that (even if we know better!). We will design, print and deliver fresh from the press books to your doorstep.

The Author-Mentor

Have a story but no manuscript? No worries. Our expert will work closely with you and help craft your masterpiece. Through a few one-on-ones, interviews, questionnaires, calls online or offline, our expert will gather the material and then get busy with bringing your story to life. Bottom line – ‘Your story, your words’.

Once the manuscript is in place, Berean Bay undertakes Publishing meeting international standards of quality and current industry practises.

Berean Bay Media House also offers e-publishing as an option.

Publish your precious story with Berean Bay Media House. Fill in the details and we will get back.

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