Don’t Wear Clothes. Let Your Clothes Wear You!

January 16, 2017

Fashion in 2017 is not going to be about your wearing the right clothes, but letting your clothes sport the real you.

A mood of optimism soars through the air this fashion season, as fashionistas embrace the new spirit of positive energy that is inundating the world. The outlook is like never before; there’s colour and light and a love of all things beautiful. There’s the opulence of rich fabrics, glorious hues and dazzling textures on one hand that meets the minimalism of simple embellishment, clean cuts and linear design on the other. There is the happy marriage of old and new fashion influences, the bohemian temper of the 80’s with the sparkling styles of New Year.

So, what’s new and hip this year and what’s not? Read on...

Value over style:

ShoppingSlow down and enjoy the moment. This is the mantra of the year, so when you go shopping for clothes, you need to take the time to enjoy the feel of the fabrics, the beauty of the weaves and the dyes that are shot through them.  Women are also taking note of the construction of an ensemble and re-discovering the beauty of well tailored clothing. So, the next time you plan to buy a garment, stop to appreciate the splendour of fine fabrics, admire the craftsmanship of the weavers and above all, savour the luxury of the textures against your skin. Let your decisions echo the words of the celebrated designer Vivienne Westwood who brought out a stunning collection some time ago called – “Buy less, choose well and make it last.”

Feel something, say something:

ethical shoppingLet this be the year to let your clothes do the talking for you. Men and women across the world are taking up fashion causes and living by them. For instance, if you believe in ethical fashion, you would only wear clothing that is created by designers who believe in this maxim too. Ethical fashion has been defined as “an approach to design and manufacture of clothes that benefits people and communities everywhere and minimises the impact on the environment.”  Your cause could be as varied as choosing eco-friendly clothes or only wearing Indian fabrics to support the Indian weaver. The cause is not as important as your dedication to it. Supporting the initiative by way of your garments is the way to go this year.

Something up my sleeve?

SleevesSay hello to the beautiful ‘sleeve’ this year, say designers, as they go overboard trying to construct the most whimsical sleeves that they can imagine. Think bell sleeves, oversized sleeves, dropping-off-the-shoulder sleeves, sporty sleeves, cap sleeves, balloon sleeves and transparent sleeves and you would have caught only a small snapshot of the wide spectrum of sleeve designs in circulation now. This feature of a garment is taking centre stage in 2017, but don’t choose a garment with bizarre sleeves just because it looks trendy. Make sure that your choice of clothes suits your personality to the letter.

Lend me your ears!

Chandelier earringsIf you have always loved chandelier earrings and shoulder dusters, this is the year to rejoice, as bolder and bigger designs are in vogue now. You can choose from geometric designs, to exotic flowers to gigantic hoops and drop earrings to capture the hottest trend on the ramps now. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about the embellishments on the earrings. Anything will work, right from stones, gems, precious jewels, wooden beads to shiny pearls. Only make sure that the earrings are not too heavy for your ears as this could cause serious injury.


Let there be Colour!

colorsThe colour forecast in fashion this year, has been inspired by nature and according to some trend watchers, it is also an indicator of the current cultural climate. The colour of the year is called ‘greenery’ and is a yellow-green hue that will reflect the spirit of fun and play that is so important today. Other colours to look out for are primrose yellow, lapis blue, pink and soft aqua.


And there’s more...

Don't wear clothes. Let your clothes wear you.There are many more fashion trends this year to remember and enjoy. Stripes are huge as also bold and happy prints. Leggings are back with a bang and feminine ruffles and lace are trendy too. The retro look of the 80s is very popular too but in more contemporary and attractive ways. As for footwear, the sneakers, the mules and the conical heeled shoes are perfect for the year.
Fashion keeps evolving as the days go by, so stay aware of the changing styles of the hour. It is the only way to capture the spirit of the times and feel good all year around.

by Asha Chowdary

Asha Chowdary is an independent journalist, Fashion Editor par excellence, who has worked with several national prestigious publications including The Asian Age, The Times of India, DNA, Savvy, Society, Family Life, etc.

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