Have your King!

December 8, 2015

When we think of King David, most of us tend to imagine a wee shepherd boy with a slingshot and a few pebbles, a giant and of course what also comes to mind is the peeping Tom (or should I say daring dave!), gawking at a naked woman bathe. I have leisurely read as well as speed read the Biblical books I & II Samuel many times and I must admit I never got any new insights nor was I looking for them. What I learned from David and Goliath was that no matter how big the problem or obstacle, even the smallest pebble of faith can eliminate it.

From the David and Bathsheba episode, I learned that  it’s not the first look that gets you entrapped in the clutches of lust, but the second, third and fourth lingering look that causes you to act upon it. For me, that was all that I & II Samuel had to offer, until ‘Have Your King’ by author and gifted Bible teacher P.K.D Lee came along.Having deep regard for P.K.D Lee and his incredible understanding of the Bible,  and when he told me about his commentary on the books of I & II Samuel, I was delighted at the chance to get a deeper insight into these seemingly simple books and of course also have the honour of publishing it. This being our second project with P.K.D Lee after Genesis Comes Home. We are usually approached with several manuscripts, but I must confess ever so often comes along an intriguing project that stimulates our intellect and stirs our hearts and somehow I had a ‘gut’ feeling that this was going be one of those books and how right that instinct turned out to be! For I began to get fresh revelation from the insightful observations of P.K.D Lee. He closely scrutinised the lives of Samuel, Saul and David. I began to notice things I never really stopped to think twice about before. Such as Samuel being a self appointed priest,  questions came to mind like why did David allow Joab (a bona fide serial killer) to get away with murder and also how Saul’s low self esteem was probably the root cause of his downfall, all these among other gems.I can honestly say that Have Your King, is not just a good and gripping read but it teaches much about God and His anointed who sometimes turn out to be massive disappointments. P.K.D Lee concludes each chapter with relevant questions and ties it in with some of the struggles that Christians are faced with in present times.  If you like me, are an avid reader yourself and like to get an in-depth understanding of the world around you, I’d suggest getting hold of a copy of ‘Have Your King’, right away.

by Jacqueline Olivia

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