College Life

June 6, 2016
college life

All those years you prayed for it, counted it down from the time you entered high school and even imagined yourself probably in some epic pose, filmed in slow motion as you entered its portals and now it’s finally here -welcome to college life!

In India, the month of June doesn’t just announce the onset of the Monsoons but also the beginning of college life. At least if you follow the respective state syllabus and not an international one. So was all the anticipation worth it, now that you have made it to college? It is probably too soon to say as you might be feeling a little overwhelmed in your first week at college.

Just like any new experience in life, it will take time for you to feel comfortable and find your kind of people and know this - they do exist! You may not find them immediately, but as you get involved in college activities, you’ll find girls and guys who will accept you for you are. It’s also important that you learn to accept others for who they are and this is a process that takes time so be patient. 

Alanis Morissette’s ‘you live, you learn’ best describes the college experience. And as you do, here are a few things to help you get off to a flying start in your college experience:

  1. Your college - embrace it, make it your own and feel a sense of pride. Yes, even if you didn’t get into the college of your choice. It can be disappointing, but don’t allow that to deprive you of all that can happen in the wonderful world of college life. Many times the unexpected twists of life turn out better than what we originally had planned for ourselves. However, if your reasons are legit for why a particular institution would ruin the college experience for you, you should consider sharing your feelings with someone, older, wiser and financially independent - in other words your parents to seek out other options for your continued education a.k.a. college.
  2. Take initiative - Don’t always wait for someone else to break the ice. Sometimes it might be up to you to take an initiative of making friends and creating opportunities to make the best of your college experience.
  3. Participate - To make the most of your college experience, you have got to move out of your comfort zone to try new things - even if it means signing up for a singing competition when you’re not quite sure if singing is your thing. College is the place to test the waters of things you feel you may have an aptitude for. It might just pave the way for an illustrious career in sports, fashion, journalism, acting - and who knows what else?
  4. Study - make time to learn, grow and enjoy your college experience, but above all remember the main reason you signed up for college in the first place - to get that prestigious diploma or degree. So ensure you always make time to study.
  5. Intern - This can be challenging with having to study and participate in co-curricular activities , but if you can somehow make the time to intern with a company whose line of work interests you, you are setting yourself up for a win early in life. This will help you to become more certain of which direction you’d like to take after college and this is where many graduates struggle.
  6. Relationships - this is a tricky area as they are many mixed opinions. Some believe you should try out the dating scene as much as possible, while others see college as a time of total freedom so they don’t want to get burdened with relationships. A relationship will call for commitment and time. Lots of both, so if you’re not willing to do either, best to stay clear and leave this area of life to work itself out later on.
  7. Teachers - just like in school, you’ll like some and others, you won’t. Respect is not an option though no matter how you feel about your lecturers.
  8. Work - If you’re low on dough, it might be a good idea to take up a part time job to earn some pocket money especially if you don’t want to burden your folks with meeting additional expenditures. There will be times you will need money for some activities - field trips, excursions, movies, road trips, latest fashions and what not.
  9. Ragging - If it does happen to you, know that you are completely in your right to object and even inform the concerned authorities. Some people say ragging or hazing is just an informal, harmless tradition between seniors and juniors. However, everyone’s threshold limit varies, so it’s best to proceed with caution in this area of college life.
  10. Patience - this one can be challenging to develop especially if patience is not something associated with your personality. However, it would be good to develop it nonetheless. You’re going to make mistakes while journeying through college, be patient and kind with yourself as you learn more about the world around you and with others as they’re learning too!
  11. Enjoy the ride - Don’t analyse too much. If you get too psyched about making the most of what everyone tells you ‘are the best days of your life’, you’ll end up only thinking, analysing and doing nothing and before you know it the time will have flown and it will be time to enter the working world. And that’s a blog for another time! For now, enjoy the present and take each day as it comes. All the best!

by Team Bay

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