Beginners Guide to Blogging

February 15, 2018

Today everyone and their neighbour is a blogger. You’ll find blogs on fashion, gardening, cooking, spirituality, pets, travel… If you are one of the few who don’t know what a blog is or what’s the fuss, put simply a blog is your very public diary. It’s a place where you can share your interests and passions and if you are a celebrity then a minute-by-minute account of your life. So if you are ready to join the blogging fraternity, here are 5 easy steps to start you off.

1. Choosing a name for your blog

You can name the blog after yourself or name it after your interest or hobby - gardening guru, kitchen ninja, content queen(something attention grabbing).. No tongue twisters please! If they aren’t able to say it, they probably will type it all wrong and you’ll be the only person reading your blog. If you plan to use your blog to attract and woo clients/employers, then best keep it professional.

2. Choosing the right platform

There are so many popular blogging platforms to choose from today. They offer free and paid versions - the free versions come with limited features and the paid versions offer tons of cool features. Take your time and choose a blogging platform. Read reviews from other bloggers and find out how their experience has been with the platform – easy to navigate or rocket science. Some of the popular platforms are,,, If you are new to all this, then choose a platform with easy to navigate features. (I would recommend WordPress)

3. Customize your blog

Now is the fun part- your blog’s face. Here’s where you get to choose colour schemes, fonts, blog sections… Most of the platforms offer free templates. Choose something basic to start with. You can always upgrade it later. You will need to create a 100-word biography about yourself. Keep it short, sweet, and interesting. A little bit about why you started the blog and how it will help people. If it’s a travel blog then a few words to show people that you’ve been places and how your travel tips will help them. Choose a nice profile picture. Your favourite selfie or get friends to take one of you. If it’s a professional blog then get a professionally taken picture.

4. Your First Blog

So you are all set. Now for the main part, the blog. Your first blog can be an introductory piece. Just a welcome message to your readers and what topics they can expect in the future. Ideal word count for this and subsequent blogs are 350 / 400 words. Make sure your first blog has a captivating title.

5. Promote your blog

Your blog is finally out there. Yaay. Now the real work starts, getting people to read it. To start with, send it to your friends and family. Ask them to read, comment, and share it. You will have a subscribe button on your blog, ensure you invite people to subscribe to your blog. So the next time you blog, they will get a notification in their inbox. Use your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+..) to promote your blog. “Hey there, I’ve just published my first blog on top movies for 2018, enjoy and let me know what you think.”

Now that your first blog is up, it’s time to start planning your next one. Happy blogging!

by Team Bay

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