Berean Bay Media House was founded by award-winning journalist Ingrid Albuquerque in August 2004. An active participant in the mainstream media that spans over 40 years in magazine and newspaper publications, Ingrid Albuquerque was inspired to create Berean Bay Media House as a Communication Lighthouse for a people in stormy waters, bringing back the origins of love, commitment and responsibility to and through the media. Albuquerque has authored and co authored a number of books and offers an exclusive author mentor service for first time authors and one-on-one communication and writing workshops to those looking to hone their skills.An independently registered and national publishing company based in Bangalore, Berean Bay Media House comprises working professionals who thrive on being connected to community using their creative skills in media. Berean Bay offers cutting edge online and offline content solutions to big, medium and small businesses that want to turn every interested visitor into a happy customer.


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Team Bay offers a range of services to meet your growing content requirements


We summon and words oblige at any time, for any requirement


We conduct workshops and offer consultancy services for several projects and presentations


We specialise in online and offline Publishing and meet international standards of the trade


We maximize your business online via Digital and Social Media and help you spread the word in creative, innovative and SEO ways.


We produce videos for Corporates, Non-profits, Events and Occassions


What you see in your mind and heart is what we endeavour to create with pen and paper and thus words and pictures.
  • Working with Berean Bay has been an extremely positive experience! I’m so grateful for the patience they have shown me throughout this process and for the ways in which they continue to encourage me to follow my dreams! I’ve learnt more than I could imagine from them!

    Kim Kim Andrews
    Kim Kim Andrews
    New Author
  • It was a pleasure to work with Berean Bay. Both Ingrid and Jackie were thoroughly supportive throughout the process and became friends whose advice I could count on, not just in work but life too.

    Jasper Daniel
    Jasper Daniel
    New author
  • Working with Berean Bay has been a tremendously  satisfying , rewarding as well as learning experience for me . The professionalism , commitment and talent is commendable ,I can honestly say  there was never a moment of  disappointment or frustration during our entire association from the initial story line to the finished publication.

    Nivin Pinto
    Sr. Business Analyst
  • Team Bay is unique – tender at times, teasing at other moments and terrifyingly tough when it came to getting my manuscript ready in time – I will remember the Berean Bay experience all the days of my life.

    Dr. Latha Christie
    Dr. Latha Christie
    Associate Director, Ministry of Defence (DRDO)
  • With an approach rooted in attention to detail, the team at Berean Bay Media House made our project truly exemplary. The efforts and time dedicated by Ingrid herself is commendable and I would like to appreciate her commitment towards the assignment​.

    Gyanesh Chaudhary
    Gyanesh Chaudhary
    MD & CEO, Vikram Solar
  • My experience with Berean Bay Media house has been exceptional. They function with an aim of doing the best, and they have accomplished in being the best.They align with the goals of the client well, and have the ability of addressing challenges that seem impossible and have achieved outstanding results.

    Claudius Pereira
    Claudius Pereira
    MD, System Tech
  • What Berean Bay gave me was a honest perspective of what I had written with brilliant suggestions on how to improve the readability of the book. They have always been more interested in my interests rather than theirs.

    P.K.D. Lee
    P.K.D. Lee
    Author and Leadership Guru