5 Ways to Inspire Yourself

September 27, 2016

Inspiration seldom knocks on one’s door and so it may be up to you to find ways to motivate and inspire yourself. The first and best victory is to conquer self. There are many reasons why we lose motivation. Three main reasons include a lack of confidence, a lack of focus and a lack of direction and perhaps a fourth one as well - just plain boredom!

We can all agree that a person can get a lot done when he or she feels inspired. In fact, more than the allotted quota of work for any given day even on Sunday! However, the opposite of that holds true as well unfortunately. When we feel un-inspired, demotivated or face a block of sorts, it’s hard to get out of bed leave alone getting stuff done. So it is important to be self-motivated and inspire yourself in life, love, work and anything else you’re wanting to see increased performance in.
If you find yourself mostly un-inspired these days here are 5 things that may help you to to well… inspire yourself:

1. Blast the past
The past is called the past because it has passed. Have your ever thought about that? Visiting memory lane from time to time is alright, but when you pitch a tent there, it can hold you back from experiencing what the future has in store for you. Not to mention, one sure way of remaining in an uninspired season longer than you planned is to be held captive by your past. If you think, re-think about past failures or even prior achievements for too long, it can hinder your gut instincts to creating or doing something stupendous with your life and this usually happens when inspiration strikes. So ensure that you do not get bogged down by the past.

2. Put pen to paper
There is something therapeutic about putting pen to paper or more finger to keyboard or keypad in this digital era. Therapeutic because it can help alleviate the stressors in everyday life that hamper creativity and could be inspiration killers as well. Whether you pen down your thoughts in words or pictures, just ensure that you do. Writing and sometimes Doodling on occasion, are concentrated efforts and so it helps to build focus and also brings those inspiring ideas to life.

3. Your way and the highway
Sometimes inspiration can strike during a conversation with someone. Particularly when you are open to other people’s suggestions and sometimes unsolicited advice. You don’t have to implement every single suggestion you receive, but for heaven’s sake be open to hearing someone out! You might feel inspired to find the ultimate solution after hearing all the ways of how not to solve a problem. So give inspiration a chance and others too, to air their opinions that is.

4. Risky business
Inspiration is not always the ‘play it safe and secure’ kind. Many times you will be inspired to try something totally different that might not even make much sense to other people to begin with. Think of how many renowned innovators have had people laugh in their faces, only to cry later on when their inventions went on to change the world. If they never took risks and acted on their inspirations, we’d never have some of the things we cannot live without these days be it electricity, cellphones, medical remedies and what not!
Most people are scared at the thought of failure. If you want to see big changes in your life you need to be willing to take risks and push past your limitations. In other words be a risk taker. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing you tried, but don’t stop there treat failures as part of your learning. Be brave, take risks!

5. Begin again. And again, and you get the drift?

Some failures may knock you off your feet. Not once, but several times. If you are convinced in your gut that something is going to come off an idea eventually, don’t give up. Start over, if you have to.

Begin again with determination and inspiration unwaning, knowing that your breakthrough is around the corner. It’s a great way to ensure a constant supply of inspiration because you never stop trying.

These are just a few things to do when you’re running low on inspiration out of a thousand more out there. We would love to hear back from you on how you tackle the lack of inspiration when you most need it.

by Team Bay

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