5 Reasons to be part of church

May 12, 2016

I was asked recently, by a friend, why is it that I attend Church service every Sunday. Hmmm … Good question. But it wasn’t the first time I have been asked this.

Over the years I have been asked this question on numerous occasions. Often by curious non-Christian colleagues, some, directly and some in a more “politically correct” manner. For instance - “Sunday is one day we get to rest , why do you wake up and go to Church , can’t you pray from home ?”; “ Isn’t God everywhere , why do you need to go to Church to worship Him?” and the trickiest of all “ It’s your personal relationship with God that matters, Church is just man’s clever invention, so why attend?”

The responses I have given over the years have never fully satisfied me. I always come away from the conversation thinking to myself, gosh! I missed saying this or that, but it has got me thinking more.

From those thoughts emerged 5 mains reasons on why Church is an important part of my life. So, here goes:

1. I get to be a part of the larger family of God. Church is truly like a family. Just enjoying each other’s company, worshiping God together. The Bible calls it fellowship – meeting with fellow believers. Every other day of the week at work, I put on a mask, but here, I can be just myself , worship him as a community of believers and I love it.

2. Whether we believe it or not, we are in constant spiritual battle. And like any other battle, there is strength in numbers. The logic is simple, when I am alone I fall into temptation more often. You know this right? One stick can be broken, but get a bunch together and its tougher isn’t it? Being part of a community of believers not only makes me stronger when I am with them, but it also keeps me accountable when I am away.

3. Now with so much on-line content available and the long line of tele-churches, why not worship God at home rather than go to Church? It is definitely a blessing to have access to many amazing speakers like Ravi Zacharias , David Pawson , RC Sproul , all at the touch of a button. But I leave that for my personal Bible Study, definitely not a substitute for Church. Going to Church is a discipline. It’s a tithe of my time to God. The bare minimum I give to express my gratitude for all that He has done.

4. The Bible talks about a list of Spiritual gifts that God wants to bless us with. Singing, preaching, healing, prophesying amongst others and I’m pretty sure that I can’t receive these blessings , lounging in front of the television. Spiritual gifts are nurtured and developed in the Church. Talents are identified at the church, opportunities present themselves here and responsibilities are taken. We are mentored in Church and then we share our talents with the world outside.

5. While the previous four are important. This one tops my list of reasons. Church to me is a place where I am lifted up when I’m down and (often ) out. There are times when I struggle to have my quiet time with God , to read my Bible and pray through the week. But come Sunday , the time of fellowship is a jumpstart to my spiritual engine and most often I am back on my feet. I love it that I have some place to go every week , to get re-charged and energised to face the week ahead.

But I would love to hear from you, why do you go to Church?

by Deepa Chandrasekhar


  1. james

    Good write up Deepa. What would we be without the Church!!!

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