10 things money cannot buy

October 31, 2016

There's no denying that money is an important part of our lives here on planet Earth. The lack of it however, doesn't mean the end of life as we know it.  Here are 10 things that money cannot buy:

1. Health
Have you heard of the phrase 'health is wealth?'. There's a reason why this phrase is famous - it's because it is true. You might be able to spend millions on expensive treatment and medication but sometimes that may not be enough to get you on the track to good health. It might buy you a little time but not necessarily good health. So make the most of your health today by taking care of yourself and not overworking yourself to a point where you make your millions and then someone else ends up spending it because you're either sick or dead. 

2. Love
The Beatles nailed it with their hit record 'Can't buy me love'. Ironically, one of the most popular bands of all time, with their fame, name and fortune realised that money might help them fulfil their desires for materialism, sex, power and popularity but would not be useful in gaining each of them true love. This is emphasised further in the resounding chorus of the song which  states,"Cos I don't care too much for money, and money can't buy me love."

3. Respect
Being respected by others gives us a sense of satisfaction that nothing can give us. It gives us a sense of positivity and confidence. Everyone wants to be respected, be it at home, at office or even in your society. If you have loads of money, but a bad attitude you might get respected outwardly, but most people will talk behind your back, which truly isn’t respectful. True respect cannot be bought with money, it needs to be earned.

4. Peace
This is something that a lot of wealthy people end up spending truckloads of money on. However, inner peace cannot be bought with money because it has everything to do with the inner workings of the mind. It is a person's thought process thats guide their mental state and will help in acquiring inner peace where money has no value at all. In fact many will testify that it is money which takes away inner peace sometimes. 

5. Knowledge
Money can buy you an expensive college education, but that isn't guaranteed to make you knowledgeable. It is totally up to an individual how much they would like to grow in their knowledge of the world or a particular subject. Sure, it is helpful to have resources, but sometimes even when they aren't available some extraordinary folks find ways to gain knowledge that don't involve paper transactions! Ever seen Good Will Hunting? Sure, it's a movie, but somewhere out there - there are prodigies the world has no clue about. 

6. Time
The one thing that is truly comforting about not having much money is the fact that the same amount of time has been given to each person irrespective of their economic status, colour, creed, religion and nationality. All the money in the world cannot buy you an extra minute more than what you have already! 

7. Happiness
Money might buy you a couple of 'happy hours' but never happiness:)  Happiness is a driving force for most of our major decisions in life - at our jobs, in our marriages and even in our friendships. Sometimes it's a challenge to know what can cause happiness. It can be anything from a smile from a new born baby, a hug from your parents, a kind word from your boss to a favourite old pair of shoes! Happiness is truly satisfying on its own and doesn't demand a big bank balance as a requisite to taking it on loan!

8. Friends
Money can guarantee you fair-weathered friends, but never life-time companions. Good friends will stick it out with you whether you have money or not. It is important to form such bonds, rather than holding onto friendships which have a pure money goal. These so called 'friends' will bail on you when things get difficult, and at some point in life, they almost always do. So stay clear off the friends for benefits and seek soul connections instead.

 9. Manners

Money can buy you an exquisite fashion sense, style and even the stylist but it cannot buy you manners and etiquette. The former which comes if handed down from your parents, or acquired through time with thoughtful consideration for others. Money can never make up for the lack of manners.  

10. Sunsets

Ever heard the phrase the best things in life are free? Sure you may have to cough up a ton of money for a room with a view if on vacation at some exotic destination. However, thankfully the earth is round and you can catch the view from another place where you don't need to pay for it. Thankfully, sunrise and sunsets can be taken in irrespective of the contents of your wallet. 

These are just a few things that money cannot buy. What do you think? Got any more stuff? Please feel free to add them in the comments section. 

by Mallika Jesudasan

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  1. K.V.Simon

    We cannot buy Eternal Life . Because it is the Gift of God though Jesus Christ .

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